Shelves of candles

Old Fashion Candy, Nostalgic Toys & Games

Remember how it felt to be a kid in a candy store? Relive that feeling with a sweet walk down memory lane.

We are excited to offer all those candies that we enjoyed growing up, like old fashioned brittles, chocolates, lollipops, penny candies and more.

Shelves and jars filled with so many sweet temptations. Our line- up changes regularly so you will need to visit often to see “what’s old is new” Inquire about our nostalgic gift baskets, a sweet gift.

Tiddly Winks, Jacks, Pick up Sticks, Snakes & Ladders and dozens of other nostalgic toys and games that line our shelves are ready to provide hours of wholesome entertainment and fun.

You can share your childhood games with your own children and remember no batteries required.